Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great full-time or part-time alternative to glasses. There are new contact lenses types and material coming out every year, and we have most of the very best ones. We have a number of contact lens options for people with special fitting needs, such as astigmatism or focusing difficulties after age 40.

We have been successful in fitting many patients who have failed elsewhere or who have been told that they could not wear contact lenses by other doctors (such as having too much astigmatism or dry eye). Not everyone can be fit in contact lenses successfully, but we put great effort into exploring a variety of contact lens types to get the best results possible.

Please be aware that the contact lens fitting is an additional service beyond an annual eye exam. The fee for the contact lens fitting depends on the type of contact to be prescribed and the amount of time needed to finalize the prescription. Also be aware that contact lenses are a medical device covered by many federal and state laws designed to ensure that people do not put their eye health at risk; this also means that the doctor is expected not to write a prescription if he or she the person will not follow laws and rules for proper contact lens use or the doctor feels that the person will not use them safely.

In addition to discussing with the patient how contacts might or might not meet patient needs, the doctor will:

  • Ensure your eyes are healthy and appropriate for wearing contact lenses.
  • Choose the best material and design for your eye shape and characteristics.
  • Choose a power and design that matches your vision needs.
  • Provide trial contact lenses needed to evaluate which contact lenses work best.
  • Provide follow-up visits to determine the proper fit and correct prescription.
  • Provide information of recommended wear times, contact lens solutions and other ideas about how to maximize successful wear.

At the Family Vision Clinic, our goal is fit people who want contact lens when it is healthy and appropriate for their vision needs and lifestyle. Many of our patients have been surprised that they could do so well in contact lenses. We carry the following quality brands:

Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, Vistakon (AcuVue), CooperVision and Hydrogel (Extreme H2O)

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